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Amsterdam offline audio guide

Perfect for short term visitors and solo travelers

Feeling lost and completely independent in a new city is great. Our application uses geolocation to play you recorded messages via earbuds when you are close to an interesting object, spot or location.

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Discover the city of Amsterdam

Echotags is very simple to use. Launch the app, turn on discovery mode and... that's all, it works. There is no need to buy guidebooks, check the Internet in advance or go to a tourist information center. It's a perfect solution for solo travelers and short time visitors.

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Don't worry about your data plan

Don't worry about your mobile data plan, everything takes place offline. Echotags provides 160 audio POIs prepared by citizens of Amsterdam. We respect privacy so we don't gather and store any data about your location. There is also an option to download offline city map within the app.

Don't worry about your data plan
Integration with music players

Integration with music players

Listen to your favorite music during the trip. No matter what player do you use, Apple Music, Spotify or anything else, Echotags works with all of them. When you are close to the spot music is getting quieter and we start playing a story about the place.

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If you would like to have a similar guide for your city let us now, we could help you.

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Why are we doing this?

Mac's Avatar

Last year I decided to go for a summer holiday with my brother to Rome in Italy. We wanted to visit a city and feel not like tourists but rather like locals who wanted to experience everyday life there. But of course, we also wanted to see few of landmarks, enchanting places, locations that we will remember. There was one problem. We hate guidebooks and planning holidays. We decided to do something with it.

- Maciej Kozal

Bartek's Avatar

We came into something that we called Echotags. We are builiding a service that helps people who like to travel. Something where anybody can listen to audio files once approaches their geo-coordinates. The trick is to do it completely hands-free, your phone will be all time in your pocket. No complex UI, just launch the application and enjoy the travel.

- Bart Kozal